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"We are a diverse group of data scientists, operational engineers, and management consultants who borrow heavily from our individual experience and expertise to deliver an unmatched platform for the planning and execution of your entire data strategy initiative."

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Industry Experience to draw from

Throughout a long history of delivering successful projects, we have gained a wealth of "tribal knowledge" that can only come from working alongside top Industry Leaders in providing scalable solutions to Complex Business Problems.

At Kinetics we provide the Human Capital and Industry Expertise needed to deliver projects that will advance the capabilities of your organization. Our teams are diverse and dedicated to your success!

Retail and Hospitality

Financial Controls, Reporting, Merchandising, Process Integration, Analytics, Master Data Management

Supply Chain Management

Customer Facing Data Warehouse, Reporting and Analytics; Process Integration, Error Remediation, EDI

Digital Marketing

Campaign Management, Implementation, and Execution, Customer Retention and ROI Analytics

Telecom and Networking

Infrastructure Planning, Service Delivery, Operational Performance Monitoring, Streaming Analytics


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